Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your products?

Our Instaprotect Hydrating Facemist and Double Duty Oil Control Body Mist retails for Php 299.00 each.

Are your products FDA approved?

Of course! Our products are FDA Approved. We are also Paraben-free, Cruelty-free and Vegan.

What are the ingredients of your products?

We understand your concern regarding our formula. Don’t fret, we made a list that contains all the actives and its functions. Check this link:

Can I use your mist even if I have oily/ sensitive?

Yes, of course! We made sure our face and body mists are formulated safe and mild.

How long can a bottle last?

This really depends on how frequent you apply and reapply. But it would approximately last for forty-five (45) days.

Can I use your mist along-side other product?

Yes of course. We guarantee that our mists are very mild to use.

Is this safe for pregnant/lactating women?

Yes it is! But if you want to be super sure, you can also consult your doctor’s advise.

Can I use this if I have oily skin?

Our mists are made for all skin types but if you have clinically diagnosed skin conditions, we believe it’s best to get a dermatologist’s consult for proper medication.

How many sprays should I apply?

This depends on your preference but 2-4 sprays should suffice. You may re-apply as needed.

Can I use this as a make up setting spray?

Yes you may however we do not claim doing so may lengthen your make up’s staying power.

Do you have COD option?

Due to our safety protocols, we opted not to have COD at the moment. We’ll let you know once COD is available.

When should I pay my invoice? (for orders made via instagram)

As soon as you receive your invoice, we recommend to settle your balance as soon as you can. Nevertheless, we give customers 24 hrs to complete your payment.

When will I be receiving my order?

This depends on your location. You may check J&T website for reference.

It’s been days, I haven’t received my order. Can you please give me an update?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We apologize for the delay. Please send us your order/tracking number so we can check from our end. We appreciate your patience in this trying times.


Do you accept resellers?

Thanks for inquiring! As of the moment, we’re not open to resellers yet but once we have it on board, we’ll definitely let you know.


Do you do collaborations?

We appreciate your interest with The Klean Lab. As of now, we don’t have collaborations on going so we’ll have to pass. Nevertheless, thanks for supporting The Klean Lab and we hope for the best in your career!


When will your mist expire?

Our product’s PAO (Period After Opening) is twelve (12) months.


How many ml?

Each mist contains 100 ml of product.


Where did your Glycerin came from?

Glad you asked! Our products are cruelty free. We derived the Glycerin in our formula from plants.


Are your mists alcohol free?

Absolutely! Our mists do not contain alcohol.


Do you have a Shopee/Lazada account?

We process customer orders via instagram, facebook and website. Please see the links below for your reference:

IG: www.instagram/thekleanlab

Got more questions? Send us an email at and we'll keep things going. 💚